THAILAND: what to do in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is a city in the North of Thailand that is very worth the visit. You will be surrounded by a lot of locals, nature and animals. Here are some great tips for your days in Chiang Mai. You won’t be bored! Below you will find a list of our 5 best things to do in this beautiful city.

Location of Chiang Mai – the North of Thailand
  1. First things first: the temples

There are a lot of beautiful temples in Chiang Mai. These are the four temples we loved the most:

Doi Suthep
Wat Chiang mai
Wat chedi luang
Wat Bupparam

Insider tip: the temple Doi Suthep is a little bit out of the center of Chiang Mai. You can take a red taxi and plan a day tour (with other activities) with a private taxi. Don’t book this in tourist offices, just ask a taxi driver if you can hire the taxi with the driver for a day and tell him where you want to go. It will cost less and it’s much more fun! When you are at the temple in Doi Suthep, look a little bit behind the temple and you will find a fantastic view:

Doi Suthep view

2. Go to the night markets and the night bazaar

Every saturday and sunday there is a big market in Chiang Mai. These markets are for the locals. They sell handmade souvenirs, great food,.. You also have everyday the ‘night bazaar’ market. This is an indoor market made for tourists. You will find the ‘famous youtube icecream here’! Try it, it’s kind expensive when you are backpacking on a budget, but really worth the try! You can watch the famous youtube icecream here:

Don’t forget to ask for a lower price. When you want to buy something and you look foreign, they will ask a higher price. Always ask for a discount of -30%!

Streets are covered with cozy markets in Chiang Mai

3. Visit the butterfly – flower park

You have a beautiful butterfly and orchid park in Chiang Mai. You can find here a lot of orchids and a lot of different and impressive butterflies. Make sure you visit the park in the right season: there are not always butterflies! But you will always find the flowers.

Orchid and butterfly farm

4. Elephants

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!! -> There are a lot of elephants who are badly treated by their owners. Please do NOT ride elephants and do NOT watch elephants shows! Everything that an elephant do that is not natural, is very bad. You can go to the elephant nature park. You can wash the elephants and feed them. They are a well known organisation and treat their animals with love. You don’t have to book this at home, you can just drive with a taxi to the elephant park and buy tickets. You can visit their site:

5. Jungle trek

If you are a nature lover, you need to do a jungle trek in Thailand. You can do a day trek or you can go for two days. You will be surrounded by jungle and lovely sounds of nature. If you don’t love walking, don’t do it. It can be quit heavy. You can arrange a jungle trek in a tourist office in Chiang Mai. For more information and prices go to:


-> There are a lot other things you can do in Chiang Mai. There are a lot of temples, a lot of things to do with animals (look out if they aren’t bad treated), a lot of markets, there is also a zoo and night safari, a park and a museum. <-

Chiang Mai is very worth the visit. We loved it! It’s such a cozy city with a lot of things to do. We also loved the ‘chill’ atmosphere there! Go & explore!

Chiang Mai – park

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