THAILAND: transport

Transport in Thailand can be difficult for those who have never been there. With our tips, you will get out of trouble!

  1. Get a taxi with a meter: there are a lot of taxi’s in the big cities like Bangkok. Always ask the driver (before you get in the car) if they have a meter. Otherwise, they can ask as much money as they want. If they don’t put the meter on intermediately, just ask them to put the meter on. If the taxi driver tells you the price to get somewhere before you get in the taxi, don’t ride with them. It will always be more than the meter. Only arrange the price before the ride for big trips or day trips with a taxi driver. The meter will start with 35 bath. A normal taxi drive in Bangkok will cost you less than 150 bath.
  2. Tuktuks are just for tourists! If you take one, it will cost you way more than a taxi for a little trip. But it’s a part of Thailand you can’t miss: if you want to have a Tuktuk ride, make it a small trip. Stop the ride if the Tuktuk wants to bring you to costume shops, they will offer you a special ride for 20 bath. This price is too low! Don’t trust this, it’s just another tourist truc and you will spend a half day riding to shops you don’t even want to go.
  3.  Take the night train: it’s such an adventure! You will not sleep that well, but you will meet a lot of other backpackers and locals. You can eat in the night train restaurant.
  4. Hire a motorbike in the quiet parts of Thailand! Don’t drive a motor in Bangkok! They drive on the left side of the road and the traffic is not organized. If  you want to hire a motorbike, you can do this in cities like Pai or Islands as Koh Phangan,.. But make sure you have an international drivers licence!
  5. Take a bus: there are a lot of busstations in Thailand. Most of the buses have airco and they are quit comfortable if you do long-distance trips. Buses in the city can be not that comfortable and be over-loaded with people. BUT: Most of the time, the buses are really cheap! You can book these at the busstations or in tourist offices.

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