When traveling to Europe, the flights in Europe itself will be very expensive.  This is not always true! With our great tips, you can find a low-budget flight to the place of your dreams. There are some websites that offer low-budget prices. Here are some great tips for little trips in Europe:

  1. Check European sites (Ryanair, Transavia, Easyjet..) Most flights will cost you between €10,00 – €150,00 one way.
  2. Plan as far ahead as you can! Book in advance (if you want to travel to a place in May, you can better book this in September. Flights will be more expensive the more you wait, except from last-minutes). It’s all about the date! Sometimes you can fly for €10,00 from Brussels to Berlin.
  3. Look for different airports. For example: if you want to travel to Barcelona, you have 2 airports. One airport is 1 hour away from the center, but it’s much cheaper. Don’t worry about the distance, most of the time they have shuttle busses!
  4. Try different dates: sometimes it can be a big difference if your departure date is a couple of days later! You can also try different hours. Go early or go late and there can also be a difference in price!
  5. Look at websites who compares companies. Like for example: skyscanner, kayak, whichairline, momodo,.. they will tell you which budgetairline can get you at your destination in the cheapest way. Always tap the ‘airports nearby’ and ‘flexible dates’ if possible. You will get a lot of different rates by being flexible about the dates and airports. But don’t only look at the compare-sites. Try to look by yourself, sometimes they don’t compare between low-budget companies.
  6. Book your luggage. It’s not always included in budget flights (most of the time +/- 15kg). Often, you need to take your luggage in to the airplane with you. Be careful with liquids & medication!
  7. Get student discounts! Some airlines offer student discounts if you are -26 years old. Better check this!
  8. Check in online! A lot of low budget airline companies are offering an online check in service! It’s a very nice service if you don’t have a lot of time.


Sometimes there will be extra fees for:

  • luggage
  • if you choose some preferred seats
  • sometimes a fee for the purchase: depending if you book your ticket on the web, by phone, at the airport,..

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