Venice, one of our greatest citytrips.

It was always our dream to visit Venice. Venice had something romantic, and it looked picture perfect. It was exactly what we expected it to be. We will certainly visit Venice again one day! It’s a perfect place to ‘grow old’.. 🙂

Hotels in Venice

They are just so expensive. So be creative and think out of the box! You don’t need a hotel in Venice city to have a wonderful experience! We had our stay in Mestre. This is the country side of Venice. You can take a bus to Venice city which will take 15 minutes and it doesn’t cost much.


What to do in Venice?

There’s a lot to do in Venice! Off course you can’t miss the touristic things such as:

  1. Canal Grande
  2. San Marco place
  3. Doge’s palace
  4. Saint Mark’s Basilica and Saint Mark’s square
  5. Doroduro
  6. Bridge of sighs
  7. Rialto Bridge
  8. Take a gondola

These things above are well-known and looks picture perfect! If you don’t take a gondola during your Venice trip, it’s not complete! It all looks very romantic, but it’s very expensive. They asked us €80,00 to have a gondola trip from 20 minutes. We thought it was way too expensive!! TIP: we found another couple that wanted to do a gondola trip. Just use your social skills and ask other couples to join you. The gondola trip costs €80,00 so we split it in 4. It made the gondola trip cost €40,00 for us two. You can make it more budget friendly to find more people to share a gondola trip. If you have the budget, you can of course just take a gondola for two persons. When doing a gondola trip, do it in the little canels. Not in the canal grande. It’s a waste of time cause you can’t see those little cute streets.

We also wanted you to give some non-touristic hotspots:

  1. Murano
  2. Burano
  3. Lido

These 3 above are little islands around Venice. Burano is a very nice island. All the houses have another color! Very colorful island. Murano is an island known for his glass. You will find the perfect hand made glas souvenir! And last but not least, Lido. Lido is the beach place of Venice. It’s also an island, has a great beach and a lot of restaurants. You can take a ‘hop-on hop-off boat’, it’s not expensive and you can visit all of the islands in one day.

Greatest tip from all: WALK AROUND! Just put on your walking shoes and go explore Venice! Do not just go to the touristic attractions but walk around and take the other ways. You will find little cozy streets and beautiful places! If you want to have some food at the canal, just go a little bit further. Near the Rialto Bridge it can be very expensive. Try to take the daily menu, this is most of the time a little bit more budget friendly.


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