THAILAND: places to visit

July ’15

Thailand Map.png

We went to Thailand in July ’15. Look back on our crazy adventure by checking our hotspots! Make sure you don’t miss one.


  • Buy some toiletpaper: on nighttrains or in some restaurants,.. you will not have toiletpaper. If you use toiletpaper do not throw it in the toilet but in a trash bin.
  • Do not touch heads or feet. This is very unpolite in Thailand. Do not show your shoulders or do not wear shoes in temples.
  • Shop in 7/11! They have delicious toasts. If you buy a toast, you need to wait 3 minutes, they will warm it up for you.
  • Don’t agree with prices. Most of the times you can get -30% or -50% while buying clothes,.. Look at formal shoppingcenters to know the real prices.
  • Do not let TukTuks get you away to shops. If a TukTuk cost you 40 bath, there is something wrong!
  • Don’t do drugs or do not drive in Bangkok without an international drivers licence. The police from Thailand is very corrupt! Drive only with a motorcycle (without an international driver licence) in quit area’s like Koh Phangan for example.
  • Do not go to tourist bureaus. Try to arrange as much as you can by yourself.
  • Get a taxi with a meter.
  • Never talk bad about the Thai king.
  • Try local food!
  • SMILE!

Bangkok City

The city of angels has so much to offer! Don’t hesitate to visit Bangkok. There are a lot of temples in Bangkok, monuments, nightlife and great food. You won’t be bored!

 10 most popular attractions in Bangkok

  1. King’s Palace Bangkok
  2. Wat Arun temple
  3. What Po temple
  4. What Prae Khaw temple
  5. MBK shopping center
  6. Wat Saket (golden mountain)
  7. Lumpini Park
  8. Dusit Zoo
  9. Wat Suthat temple
  10. Khao San Road


Our tips

  • When you visit the King’s Palace, make sure you visit the school behind it. There is a little school behind the King’s Palace, and it’s worth the visit. You really need to search for it, but once you are there you won’t regret. You can see the typical Thai way of school life and the kids are adorable.
  • Go to the Lebua at state tower. You can go to the bar at the 67th floor. The view is awesome! Don’t forget to dress well. Shorts and slippers are not allowed.
  • Take only a taxi with a meter. If you want to take a TukTuk, make sure you have talked about the price first. Don’t waste your time by TukTuks who want to bring you to shops and all those stuff. The products they want to sell are most of the time fake.
  • Visit the water market!
  • Try some streetfood. Streetfood is often much better then food in restaurants.
  • You will visit a lot of temples in Bangkok. Make sure you have some comfy clothes: your shoulders and legs can not be showed. Wear comfy shoes: in every temple you need to take your shoes off!



Chiang Mai

Don’t go to Thailand if Chiang Mai is not on your planning! Chiang Mai is a charming city in the north of Thailand with a lot of attractions.

10 most poplar attractions in Chiang Mai:

  1. Wat Chedi Luang temple
  2. Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep temple
  3. Wat Phra Singh temple
  4. Elephant nature park
  5. Chiang Mai night safari
  6. Tiger Kingdom
  7. Doi Suthep – Pui national park
  8. Butterfly farm/orchid farm
  9. Monkey forest
  10. Chiang Mai night market


Our tips:

  • Visit the night market and try the famous youtube ice cream. It’s made spectacularly.
  • You have different markets during the weekends (saturday market,..) visit them! The atmosphere is very relaxed and so nice!
  • Try streetfood on these night markets.
  • Visit Doi Pui national park! This is a very beautiful park, surrounded by nature and there are typical Thai locals living here. It’s non-touristic. You can combine it with the Doi Suthep temple.
  • Visit the temples in the city (easy to do by foot).
  • Visit the tiger kingdom.
  • Visit the orchid/butterfly farm during the right season (otherwise there won’t be butterflies). Check this on the internet!
  • If you want to visit the Elephants, go to the Elephant nature park, they are well treated, the other’s are not.
  • Don’t go to the monkey forest: the monkeys are not healthy and drugged.


Most popular attractions in Kanchanaburi

  1. River Kwai Bridge
  2. Kanchanaburi War Cemetry
  3. Kanchanaburi rail way
  4. Erawan waterfalls

Our tips:

  • Take a local train. You will see beautiful nature and the country size of Thailand by train.
  • Go to the famous river kwai bridge!
  • Visit the Erawan waterfalls! They are very beautiful. Make sure to wear good walking shoes, as you need to climb high to get to the highest waterfall.
  • If you are interested in history, visit the Kanchanaburi War Cemetry.
  • Make sure you have a river hotel! It’s very nice to relax by the river and enjoy being surrounded by nature.


Most popular attractions in Sukhothai:

  1. Historical park
  2. Wat Mahathat temple
  3. Wat si chum Buddha
  4. Wat sa si
  5. Si satchanalai historical park

Our tips:

  • Rent a bike and explore! Sukhothai is a small city, you can visit almost everything by bike.
  • Don’t forget the beautiful monuments and temples outside the historical park! Don’t forget the Wat si chum buddha for example!

Koh Phangan

Most popular attractions in Koh Phangan:

  1. Full moon party
  2. Diving
  3. Snorkeling
  4. Visit waterfalls

Our tips:

  • Rent a motorcycle. It’s easy to drive on this island. Make sure you make some pictures before you go. Otherwise, the chance is they will try to let you pay for some scars on it. If you have pictures, you can prove there was already damage on the motorcycle. You will find different viewpoints and non-touristic temples. For example we found an chinese temple (there we’re NO tourists!) and some beautiful viewpoints.
  • Go to Kao Ra viewpoint.
  • Go to Wat Khao Tham viewpoint.
  • Visit the waterfalls (but check if they are not dry!). When we we’re in Thailand the waterfalls we’re dry because of the heat.
  • Go snorkeling! Visit bottle beach for snorkeling! You can also dive.
  • Go to the full moon party but beware for pickpockets.

Koh Samui

Most popular attractions in Koh Samui:

  1. Big Buddha: wat phra yai
  2. Chaweng beach area
  3. Na muang waterfalls
  4. Marine national park

Our tips:

  • Visit the Big Buddha and the Wat Plai buddha.
  • Go to the Chaweng beach area: you will find awesome nightlife, restaurants and shops.
  • Buy a light balloon and let it go on the beach.
  • Visit the Na muang waterfalls (only if it’s not too dry!)
  • If you have enough time: visit the Ang thong marine park.

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