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About us

We are a young couple called Elias and Fien, both born in ’95. Our dream is to travel the world together. “We fell in love and traveled the world”  is our favorite life quote, because it suits us well.

We are two students who are studying something in the social sector. Besides studying, we love to travel. We have been together since november 13. Since then, we traveled to a lot of different places. We started in London and now we are planning trips all over the world.We believe there are no limits for the ones who are motivated to explore the world. We don’t want the mainstream life. We want the adventurous life! We want to get to know different kinds of people, cultures and views. How do you see the world? And where do you want to go? ☀

We spend a lot of time traveling together. We worked very hard to stand where we are now. We are always planning and dreaming about some new places. Besides traveling, we also review hotels. We visit a lot of hotels, and we rate them.

We would like to let you enjoy our travel moments. We want to take you with us on our adventures, by sharing our pics, taken with love at beautiful places. Check our destinations in the bar above ⇧

Got any questions? Ask away ✈ Traveling-Couple@hotmail.com


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