November 2015


In November 2015 we visited Amsterdam. We were invited at hotel Golden Tulip West. It was the first time for us, so we couldn’t wait going to our neighbors capital!


When you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, make sure to put some special things on your bucketlist! Amsterdam has a lot to offer, it would be a pitty to miss some highlights!

  1.  Visit the Anne Franck house! Make sure you visit the Anne Franck house during your stay in Amsterdam. In this house lived Anne Franck, who kept her diary during world war 2. When going in to the house, you will get to know her story and see how they lived in world war II.
  2. Make a boat trip on the canals. See Amsterdam from another view! PS.: You will see the bench of ‘The fault in our stars’.
  3. Visit Dam Square. The historical city of Amsterdam is something you can not miss during your trip here.
  4. Madame Tussauds
  5. Het Rijksmuseum: I AMsterdam monument
  6.  Shopping at the Kalverstraat, Leidsestraat and P.C. Hoofdstraat
  7. NEMO.During summer, NEMO becomes a roof top beach. Once in a lifetime experience?
  8.  Vondelpark

Amsterdam has a lot of canals and little streets. We loved it to just walk around and get lost in this beautiful city. Amsterdam is also known by his many coffeeshops. If you are interested, visit one!

Insiders tip: rent a bike to explore the city!

Explore Amsterdam by bike

Our hotel in Amsterdam

Hotel Golden Tulip Amsterdam West is located in Amsterdam, but you have to take the metro to go to the heart of the city. It takes around 15 minutes to get there. You pay €7 for a one day ticket of the metro. There is a parking by the hotel. Make sure not to use your car to go to Amsterdam City center, because it’s difficult to park there and much more expensive. The parking costs €15,00 per day.

The hotel has some beautiful rooms and it has a lot of facilities.

Food: Breakfast starts around 06.30 am till 10.30 am. On Sundays the breakfast begins at   07.30 am. There is a lot of variety of food. You can enjoy different kinds of bread, eggs, fruit,.. with a big cup of coffee or a fresh orange juice.  Make sure you start your day good! You can also lunch and dine in the D.R.E.A.M. restaurant. You can lunch between 12.00 pm and 15.00 pm and dine between 17.30 pm and 22.30 pm.

Bar DAM: is open between 09.30 am till 01.00 am. You can relax and drink something here or try some homemade cake. There is also a business lounge.

Rooms: You can be sure you will have a very space-full room. The rooms in the hotel are very big. They s are also very clean and comfortable. TIP: if you can’t sleep with some street noise, make sure you don’t sleep at the street side. At this side there’s sometimes noise of the traffic. We had a room at the street but we didn’t notice.



Hotelroom – Golden Tulip Amsterdam West (Picture:

More information and prices?


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